Richard Bucker

Tweet... What? Huh?

Posted at — Sep 11, 2011

I received a ‘being followed’ notice from twitter today. Since this does Not happen very often and it’s usually a spammer I check them all out. It turns out that this guy is a CEO for a social media company with 15k followers and he follows 15k people. As my investigation continued I read his tweets for September 9. There must have been over 100 of them and they appeared to be legit. Which got me to thinking. How does he read tweets from 15k people; how does he keep that many conversations straight in his head; why; and what about his day job? If I were on the board of his company I’d be pissed!And so that got me to thinking. What about the tweeter or blogger ithat tweets about pizza for dinner. Where is the marketing or social capital in that? It feels like smoke and mirrors.[update 2011.09.11] and then there all the stupid bots that reply to everything. On topic or not.