Richard Bucker

Twitter, Facebook, when is it time to drop all your social networks?

Posted at — Mar 6, 2012

Just a few minutes ago I saw a linkedIn post from a former coworker. It read “excellent read” and then some shortened URL. I used to follow this guy because he was a CTO that I respected while I worked with him but recently, since I started following him on Twitter, I realized that he did not have a lot to say.One would think that a CTO for a technology company would promote the company, promote the technology or even the people. No. This guy tweets about pizza, wine, and his last great kill in the wild. So I Un-followed him. But when “excellent read” popped up in LinkedIn I found myself asking… just for a second… could he be publishing the next piece of disruptive advice that would propel me into financial and intellectual nirvana.Meh! I doubt it and I’ll never know.In the meantime I find myself asking myself some of the same questions. What is all this social stuff good for? The Zuckerbergs of the world would have you believe that we all need it like we need air. The fact of the matter is that all social networks are time suckers. In order to keep up with your email from work, facebook, messages and so on… you’d have to dedicate your day. And all of the micro interruptions that time consultants used to tell us about are coming back around.There is nothing like a clean desktop policy and yet I have two screens and a second computer all directing interruptions at me.