Richard Bucker

Two down, one to go

Posted at — Nov 16, 2012

Two of my 3 Apple laptops are down. ┬áThe first has a problem with the mouse button. The second needs a reinstall because the overall performance hit the skids about the time that I decided that everything needs to be in the cloud (TBD). And the third seems to be suffering but since it’s an early MBA (MacBook Air) with little memory and little disk I’m mad but not that mad as it may become an OpenBSD machine in no time… if it works.The one thing I have decided is that I need another ChromeBook or ChromeBox. (a) I bought a ChromeBox for my kids and while they use it for watching Sesame Street I did use it to log into a server and perform a system upgrade. (b) I probably need a mobile version for them for when we are on the road.. read Disney World. (c) I’m tired of spending big money on the desktop and the various tools and apps when I should be paying for storage and reliability.I need the reliability of the dialtone.