Richard Bucker

Ubiquiti UDM Gone Wrong

Posted at — Jun 11, 2020

I’m about $1000 into a complete network rebuild. Initially my network was based on a different Ubiquiti product called Edgemax. Recent blogs and vlogs suggest that the Edgemax brand is meant for ISP and the Unifi was meant for the Enterprise. My needs are somewhere in the middle and after all this I think I want to return the Unifi devices.

I think the talking heads believe that an enterprise environment is similar to your home. Mostly flat, maybe a partition for IoT versus home computers. And the ISP side looks like man hundreds or thousands of machines on any type of network. For the most part, under the covers these systems are very similar. The main difference is the GUI. The Edgemax is very admin intensive. You have a lot of work to do. The Unifi does a lot of work for you but is incomplete and filled with bugs. (I worked for a company that did this sort of work and I know it’s hard)

While some of the problems here are compounded because the vlogs I’ve watched are implementations of very simple networks it does not take long to fall flat. I tried to configure this network on my workbench. That worked for a while but since I did not have examples of my entire network it was just a guess…

so here are some gotchas

I should have learned my lesson that all of this integration just does not work.