Richard Bucker


Posted at — Mar 22, 2019
A few days ago I was gonna write you this "you were right and ubiquiri rocks" email... but then I started pealing the onion into smaller layers.

We have started to use the UI Edgerouter X and UNMS for monitoring and being able to CLI back into the device for making certain changes. I was so impressed that I decided to buy 2x managed switches and that's when the love affair ended.

- The ERX will only do a max of 1Gpbs total
- the UI SW8 is a managed switch but there are no instructions or a web UI. 
- the UI SW8 is limited to 8Gpbs (according to the doc)

Many years ago I worked for CyberGuard aka Secure Computing (I worked on the SnapGear hardware and their unified console) So that part of the ERX is very familiar.

Hate to think I'm being a bitter betty but it seems like UI needs to truly unifi there product line.