Richard Bucker

Ultralight do over

Posted at — May 29, 2019

We all like expensive things and there is no exception in the SUL and UL hiking world. Anyone who talks about going (S)UL usually spends many hundreds of dollars on their gear. One thing I discovered is that I can do it at a fraction of the price and in case of a failure my insurance policy is next-day shipping or just the closest hardware store.This particular kit is a full replacement for $29.Of course in a disaster recovery or failure scenario you do not have to replace everything but it’s cheap enough… In fact you could have kits sitting at home or with a friend that could be drop shipped all at once basically refreshing your entire kit.One thing to keep in mind is that not all polycryo is the same. Since it was designed to seal windows in the winter it reacts to heat and shrinks. Also since it’s transparent it is more for hiking than camping. Site selection and configuration are still important.