Richard Bucker

USB Type-2 to USB Type-C

Posted at — Jul 7, 2015

I read the line, Power and data in one on Google’s page. I have a Pixel-2 with 2 USB-C reciprocals. While the power adapter is not much bigger than the Apple 50 Watt MacBook power adapter it is still a pain to carry. It makes for an uncomfortable bulge in my briefcase. And so the idea of using a much smaller USB power adapter to charge my Pixel was really appealing.The it was good for data was the icing on the cake.The accessory arrived today and I plugged it in to the USB port on my MacBook and into one of the USB Type-C ports on my Pixel. No matter what combination of power and USB connectors I used the Pixel always indicated that it was charging. That’s good news.However, while there was no detailed description about how data was going to be transferred between devices I had high hopes that one or the other was going to provide an automatic mount point to the other. Unfortunately nothing worked. I’ve gone back to the packaging and there were no instructions of any kind.I’m going to link this POST to the Chromebook Google+ site and see what info I get.