Richard Bucker

USPS is a disgrace

Posted at — Jan 31, 2014

In the current climate the general population has a great deal of love for federal workers. In particular the postal worker. The sad reality is that not all postal workers are the same and in some cases they are downright bullies.Such was my experience at the Everglades USPS office this past week when I attempted to get my passport application processed. With as many as three Idol postal workers the person I was dealing with insisted that i’m appointment was required and a prerequisite to processing my application. Given the number of idle postal workers this would seem to be an abuse of power.As I made my way to an alternate location that the dog require an appointment I attempted to call into the hotline at this location in order to make an appointment.The phone rang busy for 45 minutesThen I was put on hold for another 20 minutesWhen I attempted to call back the phone simply rang for another 30 minutesIt was Kirtomy but not only was I not going to have my application processed but that there was no way to in fact get an appointment. Regardless of the circumstances for that particular day the postal workers that I encountered had clearly some agenda or prejudice to perform the tasks as required or in the interest of customer service.