Richard Bucker

Vargo stoves

Posted at — Jan 30, 2020

Let me start by saying that I like Vargo products but in the grand scheme of things I’m not sure they are worth the expense (Ti costs more). I think aluminium is just fine. But in fact it’s ultimately about form and function…

My triad multi-fuel stove is ok, however, here are some challenges. It has moving parts which could fail. Part of it’s stability comes from the tension from the rivots in it’s legs. It’s those rivots that will eventually loosen. The three narrow legs depend on a type of surface to prevent the stove from tipping. The resevoir holds just enough fuel to boil a 1-2 cup(s) of water.

one problem with most alcohol stoves is that you cannot always see the flame.

My converter stove is ok and it has options like transforming with the hexacon wood stove. I was cooking some breakfast this morning and the stand collapsed several times and it was on a glass table.

The hexagon wood stove is ok. Last year I made a small fire to make some coffee. It’s interesting because bushcrafters just love to spend time processing wood when this stove was meant for dry twigs and such. Whether you’re processing or gathering fuel it’s going to take a while. It’s a nice contrapton but mine keeps falling apart. Unlike a solo stove or a box stove the door is not very practical for managing your fire.

My titanium flint lighter is interesting… but not ok. It’ll make a small spark but that’s about it. The spark is only barely enough and takes some luck to start a canister stove let alone alcohol. But never try a cube stove. That’ll fail every time. It’s just too small; and small hands are not strong enough.

My aluminium windscreen is a treat. Well it’s a waste of money too. As I was trying to deploy the windscreen it had a mind of it’s own. The hinges allowed it to move like a snake. This screen costs $15… that buys a lot of heavy duty foil.

My alcohol fuel bottle was nice for a while but then started leaking.

As a side note; last October I was making a bonfire for my group. I tried to use Alcohol to start the fire but failed. Alcohol had a low evaporation point meaning that the vapors of the fuel are what burn. As a result the wood never ignites. It was pretty disappointing.

I think the decagon stove has the best chance to be a good stove. It has a very wide base. No moving parts to wear. However, I have other stoves that are good enough.