Richard Bucker

version control

Posted at — Sep 18, 2019

First of all let’s call it like it is. git was never meant for average users; it was one man’s solution for one very large problem. and as it stands right now most projects are simply not that complicated and do not need that sort of tool. I reference some coworkers who are still using RCS and CVS. I’ll reference Fossil which I like a lot because it’s simple not to mention that the individual project repositories is a SQLite DB.So why on earth would I want something the size and complexity of git for version control? Right now I struggle with gitlab because the best free on-prem version of git with a CI/CD engine. Also it’s double duty as a runner and it’s integration with docker also make it it a gem… but then when you run out of disk space you are cooked. As I was.Let me restate this in plain English. Most projects are small. Even if you think you have a large project it’s probably small. Also you do not need git to snapshot your code. Just something simple. What frustrates me is that git is integrated into golang. And for no apparent reason.Well, I have to laugh. I was writing this post and having my thoughts when I got distracted trying to deploy a fossil instance in my docker swarm cluster, and failing, when I found an article in the fossil website. (link)