Richard Bucker

vlogging with youtube video manager

Posted at — Apr 20, 2016

My gopro is on it’s way but in the meantime I want to practice my video editing skills. Unfortunately it’s not coming out as I had planned. [a] youtube’s editor is not that fantastic. [b] even though my video artifacts are in google photos they are not part of my video selection [c] clips are not easily edited [d] even though I have a huge monitor the thumbnails are no realizable, the timeline does not expand to fit. [e] importing video and pictures from google photos seems to be a challenge.The hardest part… the recommendation seems to be 5 seconds per clip. That means 20 clips per video minute and 100 clips per 5 minute video. (plus or minus a few transitions.) If you figure you’re going to have a 50% usage rate then you need 20 clips just to get started.