Richard Bucker


Posted at — Apr 3, 2016

Casey Neistat has 2.5M subscribers and while I like his product I’m not one of them. He tells a good story, edits good video, and is prolific although I do not know how often he releases new content. (and recently he started using a drone for impressive establishing shots)One thing that I like about the media is that it’s another way to capture the moment. For example when I take pictures I usually edit them on the spot for crop and color. I also select the one picture that captures the moment right then and there. I’m not going to carry around 20 or 30 versions of the same image all day long. It makes selecting the picture later on so much harder. One thing that makes things easier is that Android’s photo app has a movie and slide show creator.I’ve lost track of where I was going with this… but I’d like to get a gopro to capture family moments so long as I knew what I had to do in order to be a filmmaker with the littlest effort. I know that movie directors start with a “shot sheet” and ┬ádocumentaries are a shoot everything and get it in editing.Is there anything else?