Richard Bucker

VMware announced docker support

Posted at — Aug 26, 2014

VMware is joining a long line of commercial brands that have decided to get into the Docker LOB(line of business). It’s not at all curious but to be expected as there are a number of other brands that are already there.The most curious brand is Microsoft. On the one hand it makes perfect sense as I believe Azure is supporting some elements of linux but is still a Windows platform.But as VMware enters what exactly do they have in mind? Docker requires a linux kernel and VMware, while it uses Linux for some of it’s offerings, is not dedicated to the container. It is interesting to consider VMware’s vCloud offering. It’s a complete dashboard for managing the virtual hardware and it’s not a stretch to extend the metaphor to include containers. (I’ve installed all manner of OS on a vCloud system (constructed orchestration services around vCloud) and containers will not take much to implement). VMware will have to choose the right UX and workflows so that the vApp and Template metaphor can coexist.