Richard Bucker

VMware Fusion 5 PRO

Posted at — Jan 4, 2013

The upgrade price for VMware Fusion 5 PRO is 50 bucks. Looking at their compare versions page I see that they included a bunch of stuff like VMware Player which you can download for free anyway. They are clearly stretching to earn that upgrade fee. When you think about it…Fifty bucks for the base fusion gives you an amazing feature set. Your second fifty bucks gives you the smallest fraction of new features that you already get for free. Someone in marketing was clearly looking to fill in check boxes.The two biggest features (not worthy of the upgrade) are Restricted VMs and Network Editor. Yet there are no explanations as to what these features offer. At least the descriptions I found provided no actual details; just one meaningless screenshot.Over the years I have been wanting static IPs, however, unless you’re going to edit the DHCP files on the host OS you’re not going to get that. Which makes server development difficult. It seems that while the main selling point for VMware is user migration; the developer market is completely under represented.