Richard Bucker

Walt Mossberg - I'm on the side of the app.

Posted at — Apr 7, 2016

In an interview in 2014 Walt Mossberg said he was “on the side of the app” when comparing app experience to the browser. The only qualification he offered was that the app experience was more “focused”. After many years in the business I think he missed the mark.When comparing smartphone apps to the browser experience the only difference seems to be (a) widgets (b) click to clack latency. WebGL closed the gap a little but was never really embraced. Flash got close but once it became a commodity Adobe’s quality slipped. And depending on the tool there is always a challenge with themes.It would be GREAT if the ironman theme could be applied seamlessly to all apps on the phone.Then again most developers are trying to invent that next feature to grab attention where Mossberg makes the point that there are simply “…too many apps”.