Richard Bucker

Watching out for Docker

Posted at — Oct 27, 2014

After an intense 2 weeks of deep dives into everything docker I find myself with a very short list of URLs that I need to monitor:

Docker - of course
CoreOS - naturally
fig - cool
boot2docker - required
deis - sigh
kubernetes - ditto x2
Rancher - used it when it was very promising.
Rancher is making a comeback

Phusion has a lot to say about container contents but it’s very scary.

Building good docker images - some ideas about creating good docker images.
Reverse proxy with nginx.
Docker patterns.
Continuous integration with DroneIO
systemd alarm clock
citadel docker API
Project Atomic, Dokku
Vulcand, zero downtime deploy
WeaveDNS is one way to make service discovery easier. Weave is a network partitioning tool that could also be useful. And some boot2docker DNS.

multi-server docker.

Under Review
kitematic - docker on your mac
bowline - build server and UI for docker
artifactory - recently added docker registry to artifactory

UPDATE: flynn - I discarded my interest in flynn. The previous pre-release was in Aug and now another that uses Docker 1.3.1. If memory serves there was a strong dependency on a fix that was supposed to be available in Docker 1.3.0 so it’s worth reviewing again. Flynn’s website still indicates it’s not ready for production.

The latest version of Docker is 1.3.0. There were a number of interesting features added to this version but nothing that is actually a game changer. There was one bug that I reported that seems to be fixed so I can take advantage of the patch in the CoreOS alpha channel.

** although docker is getting considerable mindshare I’m starting to rediscover my interest in appscale and google app engine.