Richard Bucker

Webassembly Appliance Server

Posted at — May 23, 2020

I can make a case for a webassembly microservice appliance.

The world is changing and TRUST is more important than ever.

The problem with opensource today is the trust model. Back in the day before corporate and government involvement in the opensource there was a sense that personal reputation was what and why it worked. If you produced bad code then you would develop that reputation and maintainers would not accept your changes or at least they eould receive an inverse level of scrutinry.

Fast forward and today programmers, managers, and devops are getting lazy and so they/we add layers and layers of anonymous code onto our projects. It’s the reason that docker hub repositories are not ideally secure. The same can be said for npm, deno, golang, and rust among others. Ask yourself when was the last time you currated that SQL-Server connector code hosted on the dark web?

Chances are you’ve never currated your code. The need to get shit done is more important than whether or not your 3rd party libs are compormised.