Richard Bucker

What a waste of a perfectly good USB drive

Posted at — Jan 25, 2015

<img alt=" id=“id_8214_9b88_4414_4962” src=“" style=“height: auto; width: 256px;” title=” />My family and I are planning a trip to Disney World in the next few months. In response Disney has decided to send us a USB drive with a message “plug it in for a message” or something like that. The drive itself is a 1 GB device. On the drive is a single HTML file which when opened will redirect your browser to the Internet where it downloads and plays a video. Cute? I’m grateful I did not ask to install any software.Now that I have watched the video I want to reuse the drive for other purposes. In fact since it was only one gigabyte I thought I would reuse it to install my favorite operating system. After working on the many small details required to create a USB bootable version of my favorite Linux distribution I have come to realize that the device is partially crippled. While the read times are acceptable because the file that is read from the device is very small using it as a bootable operating system device is extremely painful.I have decided to buy a better USB device instead of trying to reuse this one. But it would have been nice.