Richard Bucker

What are the minimum DB fields required in an Agile Story Schema?

Posted at — Sep 25, 2012

I’m getting ready to define the schema for the bugs backend DB when it occurred to me that I needed a minimal schema in order to maintain the one-page requirement. I do not want to get crazy with 100’s of one-off fields. Just a simple set of required fields… auto filling them when possible.Fields in the most normal form: id bug_id (FK) date field_id [opened_by, open_date, close_date, status, importance, assigned_to, story, note, …] field_value field_textI have included field_value and field_text because most DBs have different profiles for TEXT and VARCHAR fields. So in this implementation certain field_ids will be assigned to certain field_**.What fields would you add and still keep it lean? Would you add a separate agile state or wrap that in status?This appears to be a good reference. It’s still more info than I wanted… but it might be practical for both bugs and requirements.