Richard Bucker

What do you carry?

Posted at — Jun 5, 2018

Survivalists and bushcrafter(s) have a doom and gloom view of the world where the 5 Cs are meant to keep you alive in the face of adversity. And sure there have been a few thru hikers that have lost their way and could benefit from those sorts of kit. However, the reality is much different because one can do a lot more than one thinks. (see 30 days with a seal).John Z posted his 2016 gear list with a base weight of 6 pounds. John is a different breed of hiker and can afford that kind of SUL gear so my take away is simply “what items do I need irrespective of the weight.packcameraflashlightscissorsUSB batteryUSB cablechargerground sheethoodierain jacketwind pants12x20 heavy duty zip bagblankettentponcho tarphathead bugnetsleep padanti bacterialsunscreentoothpastetoothbrushspare socksspare underwear2x smartwater bottlesbeaniebug spraytweeserschap stickstakesother ziplock bagsBut I gotta call BS when I see it. Going stove-less saves a few pounds in fuel and kit depending on the distance and while that can be a good thing it’s risky. Homemade Wonderlust┬ájust experienced a damaged water filter on the CDT in a section where the water comes from cow pools. The risk of disease is serious. Not having a pot to boil in is a huge risk. Not having a proper stove means larger than necessary fire to get to a boil.Next JZ posted that he eats 6000+ calories a day. Well I call BS again. While he does not talk about the amount of fat in his diet there are certain risks to life including protein toxicity. However, with the claim of 6000 calories per day that’s 6 pounds per day or 60 pounds for 10 days… (see John’s unassisted speed record) His pack is rated at 20-25 pounds. So he could not carry 60 pounds of food. And with 6 ponds base weight that leaves 18 pounds for food for between 6-9 days at 2000 calories per day.I think the facts matterI’m pretty certain John Z has decided that he does not need a filter. That’s crazy! Just yesterday I watched someone say that there were bugs in the water.John Z goes to interesting places and hikes like a boss but I do not trust him to keep me alive.