Richard Bucker

What does it take to get a +1 or LIKE?

Posted at — Jun 5, 2015

I often wonder what it take to get a +1 from my readers. I admit the ratio of readers to comments and likes is pretty low. If I had to guess there is probably some Pareto number that makes the most sense.Like things within some SOI (sphere of influence; social or otherwise)I’ve encountered family members who like everything anyone else in the family posts. The same can be said of some employees who do much of the same. I’m no psychologist but my intuition is hinting that the motives are vastly different depending on how they are each perceived. (Some Family LIKEs can be perceived as social climbing and some work LIKEs are sincere)Like thing when you agree or even strongly agreeBut what happens when you disagree? Would the reader comment? Argue? And is a comment as good as a LIKE?Like thing when you’ve made it through the presented materialWhatever the material is the reader managed to make it all the way through the material and was able to form an opinion about the content, the quality, or even the presenter.Like thing because it’s going to act as a bookmarkThings you’ve read or are influenced by can now be located more easily. With any luck you have some sort of notification when there are updates. (there is a feature in this) Maybe you’ve STAR’d the page in your browser.These would be my 80%:I like all my family photos because my wife and my friends do not have the same circles and I like to share the pictures of my kids in a passive sort of way.I rarely like anything to do with work. I’m not the company’s communications officer and so it’s not for me to spread the word. Personal credibility is sacrificed to be a YES-man even though we al know when the Wizard steps out from the curtain he’s just a man.I like posts where there is enough good information that it changes the way I think or believe about a subject. If I agree or even strongly agree before I read the post then it’s just supporting material. It’s only when it changes my opinion that I need to like it.Very few services provide dislike buttons. I rarely use them and the only time I do is when the content is offensive in some way. Not just because I disagree.What would happen if there were a quality survey at the end of each post? How about TV commercials? The Twitter client has an interesting feature that you can provide feedback to promoted tweets. I click on “displayed too often” every chance I get. I absolutely hate promoted tweets. They are a greedy and needless monetization of Twitter. Twitter already sells our data why do they need to advertise other then $$$.UPDATE:  I missed one logical reason; reciprocation. You like me and I’ll like you.