Richard Bucker

What is a good Blog headline?

Posted at — Jan 2, 2013

Should a blogger write inflammatory headlines to get people to read or enough detail to ignore? The purpose of the dramatic headline in newspapers is to get the reader to read the article and linger on the page and stumble into the advertising. But with RSS feeds and viewers like … the readership mission is different.I put all of my sources in Google’s reader, then I skim the titles. If the title seems on track then I might skim the first paragraph or save it to instapaper immediately. And every couple of days I empty my instapaper list unless there is something hot.PS: For 2013 I’m going to err on the side quality headlines.PS: I hate it when bloggers or “linkers” repackage stories with new headlines or syndicate with or without permission just so that the article lands on my RSS feed five or six times.