Richard Bucker

what is in your wallet?

Posted at — Aug 11, 2016

I’m starting to think that preparing for hiking a segment of the AT is more like motorcycle maintenance than what I thought it was going to be. Recently I posted a comment on a hiker’s gear review:Looks like you have traded some big money for lightweight. But you’ve got some comfort items too. In the last month my AT segment pack has evolved from all the comfort of tenting in the backyard to sleeping under my poncho on a garbage bag. I’ve decided to partition my pack into 4 categories. Bindle (things I need), Survival (things for safety), Extra (just a little above the Bindle) and Luxury (something like a coffee press that takes me over the top). Things come in and out of my pack depending on the weather. Going north I do not need a puffy jacket until the weather drops to the 50 or 60s. What I think I have discovered is that this seems to be a metaphor for life. In my bindle might be 3 square meals a day, and my survival depends on my faith, extra items might be money to get the girls to summer camp and luxury might be a VW instead of a Yugo.  Of course these containers can hold things and thoughts.One thing about a traditional hobo bindle is that it is characterized by a bandanna or handkerchief. And as such should hold the things we hold dear. As I look back on my yesterday I wonder if I’m carrying the right things in my bindle.