Richard Bucker

What is the actual return on investment when implementing agilemethodologies

Posted at — Jul 20, 2013

Implementing agile methodologies is like replacing all of your incandescent lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs. At least when upgrading your lightbulbs you know what the return on investment is. Depending on when you purchased lightbulbs in the initial cost ROI is approximately 2 to 3 years according to current estimates.But when it comes to Agile methodologies how much of it is incremental and how much of it is generational improvement. When you consider the cost of training, consultants, resources, software upgrades and new purchases. Just how cost-effective is this methodology or is it just disruptive? When addressing pair programming it tends to be endorsed by individuals who have never or will never pair. Especially leadership. Is the 2x cost per line of code really better or a misinterpretation of the task?UPDATE: Another great article on Agile rebuttal.