Richard Bucker

What is the current employment situation?

Posted at — Mar 16, 2012

I always follow several job boards regardless of my work status. The quantity and quality of the postings act as an indicator as to the type and availability of potentially interesting and lucrative opportunities. Sometimes you can sense a migration from contract work to fulltime and vice versa as companies adapt to the economics.Obviously the best opportunities come from personal connections and not cold calls.According to news and government reports there are lots of available jobs out there. Suggesting that employees have the high ground. So it was interesting to me when I spoke to a professional recruiter the other day and he said that employers currently hold the upper hand. That employers are reluctant to hire people and that they have to be a perfect match. And if you want that next job you’re resume needs to read exactly like the requirements.Keep in mind that if a recruiter has a perfect position for you, and they know it when they see it, you could present your resume using animal hide, rice paper or smoke signals and you’d still be perfect for the job.Recently I changed my resume format from the standard worked-here-and-did-that type resume to more of a narrative approach. My goal is to present a successful generalist instead of a specialist even though I specialize in several vertical. Now I’m working on a hybrid version. It’s taking me beyond my goal of a single page (no staples or lost pages) and it may dilute the narrative a little. I’m hoping, either way, that it initiates a conversation.