Richard Bucker

What Is Your Next Language

Posted at — Jan 6, 2021

I still think that there is a chance we will see a technology pandemic… see solarwinds et al. Over he last year I have been implementing my own implementation of tcl based on picol. But as I was considering some of the harder parts of the language I was going back and looking at go, rust, php, javascript, and deno. Watching a Deno video by Ryan Dahl he made some interesting comments about “why javascript”. While I’m not sure why he chose rust over go it was interesting that he chose javascript in typescript form. (deno simply encapsulates Google’s V8 so it’s not that mysitcal) But he made the claim that javascript is not CPU bound so for that reason it’s good enough.

Why not Javascript?

Sure javascript is well mostly understood, mostly documented, but the parser/interpreter/compilter lacks the triviality needed to get work done… just look at the size of the javascript code… then look at the picol parser. I like tcl because the parser and the syntax is trivial. If the tech-pandemic actually took place I could build a picol parser in an afternoon and start running my algorithms in a day or two… from scratch.

But if I was asked to implement php, perl, python, ruby, bash etc… it would take years.