Richard Bucker

what sort of team organization strategies do you employ?

Posted at — Apr 22, 2015

I see team organization in approximately 4 flavors.The first is tic-tac-toe. When you first learn the game you slap your X’s and O’s in the grid as soon as you can. The notion that there is a real strategy underneath is still a distant future. Sadly passing from that to (b) strategy and then (c) futility is just a few games away.“dots” seems to have a strategy from the onset. At least the plan would seem to capture 1:1 with your opponent until you get closer to the end game when you start playing for multiple captures and giving up limited captures.Caribbean and south american style Dominoes seem to be a simple random number problem. I’m not sure how there is a strategy there unless there is some sort of signaling system between players and that might amount to cheating.Checkers - there seems to be some sort of strategy here, however, the more you play with one player and the limited numbers of moves… you tend to learn your players strategies… and youAnd finally chess. A chess game can last years. Opening moves are deliberate, planned, with no wasted energy or moves. The plan is to keep the number of future options as plentiful as possible and yet not wasting time or advantage.Which game do you play?