Richard Bucker

What were you doing when you hit 10,000 hours?

Posted at — Oct 30, 2013

I have 10,000 hours just about the time that I started working for NaBanco. I was the first programmer hired to build a brand-new gift card system which was eventually called ValueLink. I had just come off of string of successful projects working as a contractor at IBM. Those projects were mostly hardware and firmware-based. Making the transition to server-based applications required a new way of thinking.I was required to work on a brand-new series of technologies. That included Solaris, Informix, Oracle’s SQL, Windows desktop programming, IVR programming, Java, perl, X.25, IBM’s JCL implementation for OS/2, Java, REST, Web server development, and ZON.Keep in mind this was 1993 and I had spent most of the last five years writing assembly language programs. I can only conclude that this meets Malcolm Gladwell’s criteria for 10,000 hours.