Richard Bucker

When is enough, enough?

Posted at — Aug 27, 2012

I have a daily standup meeting as part of my Agile Project Management process. But when I look at my calendar… on my desktop and my phone I see the time blocked off. Normally this would not be a real difficulty except that these 130-odd events look more like crumbs than slices of bread. Real and possibly important meetings are no longer visible as these events are in the way. The best way to handle this is to have a separate calendar for the daily events.This might seem obvious but it’s actually a microcosm of other issues. As I have worked for companies or projects with a 24x7 mentality or requirement it’s too easy to be inundated with nonsensical or non-priority alerts of which services like mailgun and loggly are examples. These systems and your own systems may generate gobs of messages but if they are not consumed in context they will only serve to disrupt and distract rather than alert.So when you’re building an alert or log messages… make sure that the ERROR or CRIT messages are exactly that.  Do not wake me up for a warning or info or debug. Only when it really matters.