Richard Bucker

when it rains

Posted at — Jan 28, 2019

It has been raining for nearly 2 days and nights and the backyard is swamped and the grass and sod gets squishy and muddy quickly. If I were tent or tarp camping I would be wet and uncomfortable. The challenges that come with hammock camping mean I could avoid those challenges keeping in mind the hammock tarp offers plenty of shelter. Also the 30 degree hang is only a recommendation.This morning I changed the height of the tarp and tightened the hammock. It was not ideal but it worked and it kept me off the ground. Really the next challenge is keeping the gear out of the dirt and adding bugnet even though there are currently no bugs. Lastly I might even carry a bivy which could be used inside and outside the hammock as a backup when I need the extra 5F or when there are no trees.