Richard Bucker

When the Hamiltonian Future Ends

Posted at — Jul 30, 2020

There are a lot of ways that the promise of our future ends. Early on it was plague, then famine, dictators, self-desctruction, and now plague again. It’s entirely possible that while we might not lose our knowledge but we could be blown back to the stone age, horse and buggy, or maybe the Model T.

Right now I’m staring at my twin 37 inch monitors, multiple ChromeOS desktop and laptops, a small collection of Intel NUCs and even some larger NUCs. I cannot say that this stuff is exotic but I do depend on them and the complexity of the many layers of software. I’ve addressed some of this risk before:

So here’s my disaster plan… While I’d like something an ARM processor running DOS and all those Borland turbo tools… I think it would be better to consider just a little more beef. Consider the cost of the Raspberry Pi and it’s companions… They are not speedsters but they can do some work. Some of them have AI tool bolted on but I also consider that a waste. The thing is I can get a lot of work done with SQLite and the tiniest c compiler and a text based web browser.