Richard Bucker

When They Go Big I Go Small

Posted at — Aug 29, 2020

I’ve been bashing on Raspberry Pi and some SBC devices from time to time and from time to time I fall back in love. Now that I’m coming out of the tunnel I’m starting to see some new opportunities.

Covid-19 is a human pandemic … but what would a tech pandemic mean?

The concept starts with considering that software development has a few parts. [a] the part where it interfaces with people. [b] where it interfaces with the computer and other computers. [c] and then there is the work that it does.

From the POV of the business the intellectual propert is in the part that does the work or (c). This is where the devs developed the workflows, behaviours and side effects necessary to do the work and earn the value. And it’s complex system that needs to be shimmed from the users and the other computers.

And so here is the approach:

I think you see where I’m going here.

there is something to be said about defensive code but before you go there look at the original BASIC interpreter

I’m trying not to be a me too but there are some very good lessons from the fossil/sqlite teams.