Richard Bucker

when things go wrong with flutter

Posted at — Sep 27, 2019

First of all… flutter sucks. I’m not sure what the developers and designers were thinking but the layers of crap you have to be knowledgable about and the near¬†total lack of support means that even though the language is limited to the essential¬†elements you still have to know a lot more than they admit to.So my complaining aside.At some point you installed flutter. Chances are that you already know what to do… but things go wrong… In my case flutter is not recognizing my iphone and after some diagnosis I determined it’s because flutter installed some tools and they never worked. It seems that flutter was trying to use it’s path to the tools before defaulting back to the user’s path.So when in doubt reinstall flutter. I’m not going through the entire process… just the notable ones.- delete or rename the original flutter folder- go to (previously and download the zip file- extract the contents of the zip file and move it to where you want the tools to reside- run the flutter doctor -v command and validate the results.Everything should be the best as you expectedIn my latest case I was having trouble with the cached artifacts. Specially the ones that talk to the iPhone. I did a flutter –bug-report only to determine that there were versions of my tools like idevice_id in the flutter project. When I tried to run flutter’s version I got some strange errors that explained why I could not properly function. Also flutter upgrade does not really upgrade and flutter does not know when things go wrong.