Richard Bucker

where are my trekking poles?

Posted at — Mar 20, 2017

I left my trekking poles at the trailhead of the north entrance at MM63 on the I-75… after I made the turnaround it was about an hour later when I was back at the spot where I set them down to update the sign-in sheet. And apparently some asshole decided that they were abandoned on purpose.I use my poles to construct my sheltergood thing the opportunist did not see these boots at Carpenter CampI was about to order new poles but I started wondering… was it really worth it?┬áThis was my second pair of poles this year. The first set were damaged when I wiped out hiking the Robert’s trail in December. Pokes in that section of the everglades makes sense since because your walking in ankle to knee deep water and it can be easy to lose your balance; and falling can be BAD.Since I have been hiking the dry north side of I-75 I really have not needed my poles and in fact they have been a bother more than a help; other than I needed it for my tent. So while I was considering replacement poles I decided to just make my own tent poles. I bought the 2 complete sets of parts from (1) from dutchware and (1) from bear paw designs. What makes this plan ideal is that they cost about $15 compares to the trekking poles that cost $50. At least now I can setup my tent.PS: Given the amount of time that it took to setup that ZPack pocket tent I wished I had brought my hammock and tarp.