Richard Bucker

Where did all my folders go?

Posted at — Jul 29, 2016

I’ve been cleaning my desk and so I need to make my undesirable knives go away. I have a box an so they are officially away. In my first pass all but one is a folder. Many suck so bad I wouldn’t even pay the postage or even try to recycle them. Here they are:The Ganzo blade finally took an edge but the blade is starting to get wobbly. I’m not going to even play with that. Someone will get hurt.The black HK has a nice action and lock but the size and shape of the blade makes the serrated edge a pain in the ass.The CRKT KISS is just crapy qualityThe CRKT Squid is nice all around except the edge. The Hallow grind sucks.The Pazoda2 is too small for anything… anything that small and I’m going SAK Classic SDPromithi’s quality is the worst. I’m not sure it makes a good bottle opener since there are so many other ways to do that.What remains is two SAK SDs, a SAK Hunter Pro, and a SAK Farmer. At the moment the Farmer is my favorite except that I need a toothpick but it’s not absolute. It is funny that that which remains are only SAK.They make a good knife and I want more.SAK = Swiss Army Knife - usually manufactured by Victorinox