Richard Bucker

Where do the well to do buy their kids toys?

Posted at — Sep 7, 2015

Sitting in the parking lot at the local toy store I’m watch the various families enter and exit the store. The one thing in common is that they/we are all lower and middle income families. Since we spent more on gas than the toy we were exchanging I find myself asking some questions;(a) where do the well to do buy their toys as to avoid disappointment in their children?(b) are there any analytics associated with big box toy stores? I’m sure there are many more questions to as but it’s not my specialty. If anyone knows Malcolm Gladwell it would be great to see him tear this apart.UPDATE: my wife decided to purchase a coffee mug for my daughter’s teacher. In particular since the school’s theme was “superheros” it was fitting that the mug she purchased matched the theme.  What arrived was a “super stylist” and not a “superhero” mug. When I inspected the packaging it was clear the retailer had changed the barcode without regard to the contents. I did my replacement with Amazon and a replacement arrived in a just a few days. Strangely enough the same mistake was made. It is amazing how wasteful this is and I, again, wonder what the well to do; do.This mug cost $6 at Amazon. Shipping was essentially free because of Amazon prime, however, it cost someone 4x because of the retry and the returns. And of course there is all that wasted time. The irony is that we say the perfect mug at AC Moore last week but it cost $12. Clearly it seems that we should have made that purchase instead of bargain hunting.