Richard Bucker

Where is Google now?

Posted at — Apr 25, 2012

Over the past few days there have been press reports that Google was deprecating some of it tools as evidenced by google’s own project pages (link1, link2) What has me concerned about this policy is that I might have an idea for the next great webapp or I might have a client using some critical tools that Google is deprecating… now what?Being an observer it’s too difficult to know what projects are in or out. It’s probably safe to say that GMail and Google Apps are in. While GMail is a free and there is a free version of Google Apps; there is a commercial component here too. But what about AppEngine? Well, there seems to be an ecosystem here and they just released GO v1 for AppEngine. But while this is fun and interesting for geeks and internal Googlers what does it mean for external businesses?I think that Google is a riskier play than say deploying on a virtual or dedicated host or even another cloud vendor. And until someone can corner Google management with a commitment it might be better to pass on AppEngine for now.That said, the platform development strategy going forward will be either be Java or Python (probably Python) making certain that the code is compartmentalized into libraries that will work on either platform… giving the client flexibility. The good news is that Django also works in both spaces.