Richard Bucker

where was my knife made

Posted at — Jun 19, 2016

One of the things I hate about Amazon is that you can never tell where a thing comes from. Was it manufactured or sold in the US or some other country? In particular I purchased some cordage which, after the fact, took nearly a month to arrive because it was coming from the APAC.Now recently I started looking for a new EDC knife and as I was looking at the Gerber site I determined that not all of their knives are made in the US. So I started looking for a folding knife that was US made and the first stop was Gerber. It seems that only two modes are made in the US and they cost $150 and $350 respectively. I agree that part of the cost is due to the high-end nature of the individual knives and the other part is labor. I supposed there is nothing wrong with that too, The sad reality is that the US knives are beyond my price range and a competitive knife will probably be crappy as they have to cut corners somewhere.SOGs new knives for 2016 are in the same vein. They have a few more models than Gerber but they are mostly $100+. I watched a 2016 new model presentation and I was embarrassed for them. I supposed they could be the Rolls Royce of folding knives, however, if it cannot tie my shoes or butter my toast they cannot justify the price. I might feel differently if I had one in my BOB but not right now.Kershaw was a complete surprise. While they are a subsidiary of a Japanese company they make their knives in the US. In fact their website features a filter that includes “made in the USA”.That’s what I call confidence. I could not tell the difference before and after the filter. But when I started applying filters to make the search comparable the prices were at least double the cost of my Ganzo.Columbia River Knife and Tool seems to be an exciting company. They make a number of interesting products, however, while there are some product descriptions that say Made in the USA there are other that say nothing.** one feature that seems to be adding considerable cost is the assisted open. Are people really that lazy?