Richard Bucker

Where's the VPN?

Posted at — Jun 15, 2020

One of my clients is upping their security game. Basically if you cannot VPN into the system you’re not soing any work. But after recent experimentation and the ChromeOS position on VPN solutions I asked about L2TP? The response was that the firewall vendor had EOL L2TP and so that was a non-starter. Which, of course, make plenty of sense.

but someone has to tell Google.

As far as I can tell VPN is VPN. I suppose there is some hidden “exclusivity” level-up plus 1 kinda sysadmin secret sauce when you implement OpenVPN with it’s crazy copy certs here and there. The challenge is that the certs are a challenge when copying to tablets and phones. And of course OpenVPN does not work with ChromeOS unless you have access to Android or Linux.

There are plenty of problems with VPN that have yet to be solved… When you are a corporate user on corporate hardware… who cares. Just corporate security. But when you are a private user on personal hardware trying to get some work done… you have no idea how much of your life is leaking through the corporate network. I’ve worked many jobs where my personal hardware was FASTER and more efficient because I had tuned it for development. If each of my customers had their own ideas about what was best… that would discount my advantage.