Richard Bucker

which Mora Knife?

Posted at — Nov 7, 2018

I like Mora knives because they fit the same model I have for my hiking gear. I don’t need something that is going to survive the next zombie apocalypse just the next hike and if it breaks I can replace it with a quick call to Amazon shipped overnight anywhere in the world. Paria tarps and tents are well made and can be shipped overnight anywhere.Several weeks ago I bought the light my fire pearl.┬áIt’s a black knife, sheath, spork and piece of fatwood. I know there are people out there that want to be “blacked out”… I put together a “blackout kit” because I was thinking that black dries faster thinking that everything is always covered by dew in Florida morning.But if you drop a black knife in the dark what are the chances you’ll see it? And while blacked out tarps are fun, there’s also hunting season. I don’t think many hunters hunt at night, however, accidents happen and more likely when setting up camp. So high visibility is better than stealth.Off track again, black spork’s do not show dirt and I’d prefer to know if my spork needed cleaning. Mora knives are plenty sharp from the factory. They are not always consistent, however, if you’re a paper cutting geek then sharpen it.The brown bushcraft model has a wider blade, deeper sheath, longer and thicker fero rod and an attached sharpening plate. I do not particularly like the sharpening plate but the rest feels good. The thinner blade is still plenty strong but does not baton well. Not many 4 inch blades do.The best thing about Mora knives is that they are practically disposable.