Richard Bucker

Which one of these - the high cost of UL camping gear

Posted at — Aug 25, 2018

I have been drawn to tarp and mesh tent camping as an obsession when I realized that proper tents have inherent risks and depending on the weather and bugs; tarp-less or net-less are great options. The case against proper tents…they weight more than the alternativethey are subject to more failurethey trap a lot of huidityLook at tents this way…. rainfly is to tarp, tent body is to net tent, tent poles are to trekking poles, ground sheet is to groundsheet. The tent is one integrated system that typically demands that you have all the parts all the time (there are exceptions). By contrast the tarps and net tents can use a tree.Anyway,  so these net tents caught my attention. One is from MSR and the other from Paria.msrpariaThe MSR is lighter by 6oz but costs twice as much. Since I’m one of those hikers that does not always want to carry a groundsheet the Paria is a better choice as you naturally carry a few extra ounces for extra protection. And so the case for Paria is actually better than ZPacks, Big Agnes, SixMoon, Sea to Summit and MSR … it’s weight, durability, and cost are a good compromise. My only recommendations…. [a] remove the stakes and save me a few bucks. That’s one place where a titanium or carbon fiber stake could save some weight. [b] while using trekking poles seems all the rage these days I prefer to carry tent poles or use trees, however, if Paria had a lighter/smaller pole I’d prefer them to my DIY poles.