Richard Bucker

which OS for docker

Posted at — Oct 7, 2019

OMG what a pain in the ISO!!!I have been plowing through nearly a dozen linux distros to figure out what my DR plan might be if and when Rancher decides to discontinue RancherOS. I like RancherOS for a number of reasons… the first is that it plays nice with docker-machine and so I can deploy the ISO just about anywhere docker-machine will let me. I also get immediate satisfaction of being able to privately ssh into the VM and complete whatever configuration I want.Back in the olden days I might create a guest on vmware workstation and publish the template. This is a pain in many ways… I’m looking for the OS instance that is closest to what I need.So as I hacked my way through the many distros I found that:- some wanted me to press enter to get past grub and select the INSTALL option- some had a GUI installer- some booted to root@shell but either there was no default password, sshd was not started, or sshd did not permit root loginRancherOS works the way you expect especially since docker-machine does not let you do a lot of things for deploying like cloud_init.The backup system is going to be k3os. I’m not a particular fan of k3s or k8s so that’s not a secret, however, the rancher team is backing k3os with a little more gusto than rancheros.