Richard Bucker

Who Likes Rust?

Posted at — Jun 13, 2020

Stackoverflow like to think they can convert their metrics into fact. They are running an article discussing why programmers love rust. The one answer I grabbed onto…

I use Rust or at least think about it daily. I run a Rust consultancy and train other people for using Rust better

And that kind of explains it. There does seem to be an echo chamber… the same thing happened with ruby and agile. A new thing pops up.. some people see it and then sell something dependent on the thing.

The thing is… rust might actually be a good syntax with a reasonable engine inside. But more importantly they seem to be engaging java programmers and their niche needs for things like generics.

What is still troubling is that for all the safety that rust promises it is a fact that there are plenty of projects that had to disable that safety in order to do the task they were attempting; thus giving users and managers a false sense of safety.