Richard Bucker

Who's watching?

Posted at — Feb 20, 2019

This week it was reported that @Google had manufactured a microphone in their @Nest alarm system without saying anything. It’s being described as a secret microphone. Regardless that this device seems to function as a Google Home it is pretty sneaky that Google would not identify the feature or even as a “future enhancement” It seems that it was always intended so why not say something.This reminds me of a new report in the 90’s where it was described that desktop manufacturers were installing microphones on motherboards and that big brother was was listening. That does not seem too far fetched anymore.We seem to be at an intersection between fiction and reality.[1] Keep in mind Camp X¬†and that the first spy training manuals were written by book authors or which Ian Fleming is reported be one such author.[2] If faced with the green and red pill which one would you take? The Matrix¬†reality may not be that fantasy but it may be relative.