Richard Bucker

Why Are Chromebooks the Killer App

Posted at — Jun 30, 2022

I’ve said some of this before… back in the day rank and file, managers and sales people alike used to say:

nobody every got fired for buying from IBM

A few years after that managers and customers would say pretty much the same thing about Microsoft Windows and MS Office. People did not like change and they were comfortable with what they had. Even though Apple did it better at a price it was the cost of he unknown and the paradigm change that managers hated.

Today a lot of that F.U.D. is gone. Linux is now mainstream and MS Windows is merely a view port to the machines that do the work. And so I consider the first 6 hours of my day. What did I do and what tools did I need.

As I “alt+TAB” to see my running apps I see that I am running: firefox, Chrome, and a 14 terminal sessions spread across two 34in monitors. I’ve had this setup since I installed the OS about a month ago and I just do not have the time to rewire my power which would require a reboot.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Since it’s been this way all month… the amazing thing is that I could have done all this work on my Chromebook or Chromebox too. Granted my chromebook complains about external monitors and it’s only a 13in itself and while it’s a mighty Lenovo it’s not that mighty.

The best justification for a chromebook is that installing software is limited and recovery is possible and easy. The challenge is that the cost can be similar to PCs without the general purpose.