Richard Bucker

Why Blog?

Posted at — Jan 15, 2013

I wonder why people blog… including myself. Unlike professional writers who make their living this way writing is more of a hobby, however, to professional writers blogging is not optional. So I put together a list of reasons for the amateur:Cathartic - when your day job is not fulfilling and the open source avenue is unappealing… Those who cannot code write articles about coding?Narcissistic - (defn) If I had to give an example of a typical narcissist I’d say Richard Stallman but that’s just an opinion and not fact.Practice - The English language should just be another language with a much looser syntax. Unfortunately most grammar checkers are not very good. For some writers article construction is intuitive, however, most should plan the structure so that it’s readable.Notes - it’s just a free place to keep your notes and let google index them for you… for free.Why do I blog? Maybe a little bit of everything above.