Richard Bucker

Why is Mozilla investing in Rust?

Posted at — Mar 31, 2012

A very long time ago I was having a conversation with peers that spilled into a blog post. At the time I was noticing that all of the big boys like Google, Yahoo and others were gobbling up language gurus like Guido.Now, in hindsight, Mozilla is creating Rust. I do not pretend to know what their real motives are but I do find it interesting to observe. Mozilla’s history is all over the map. It was commercial, then it was open source and non-profit, then it was commercial again under AOL and then it was open-source and semi-nonprofit as the Mozilla Foundation… or something like that.It just seems curious to me that they would go this route. They have 3 or 4 successful projects. They have uber cool tools that are functionally cross platform. I don’t think they do any pure or applied research in languages to this point in time. Why Rust?Google’s GO fills a need and they are clearly going to direct the future of the language. Unlike the days of the IBM and Microsoft - OS/2 and Windows wars or the days of Lotus and Excel… There is no API war to be won. Rust could be a fork of GO and it would not matter in the least as it once did.It seems to me that DSL(domain specific language) is actually being replaced with BSL(brand specific language) and everyone wants to get into the act.