Richard Bucker

Why Ksh Instead of Bash

Posted at — Sep 17, 2022

IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, DevOps, SRE …. oh my.

The world of system development etc is under a new paradigm shift. Of course starting atthe beginning and some root cause it’s all the same sh!t all over again. Unqualified would-be entrepreneurs latched onto the idea that they need to disrupt to succeed. (see “Silicon Valley” [HBO]) It started with SixSigma, moved to Agile and then I lost interest and let it move on. Most of that crap was just layers of middle management trying to secure they jobs and high salaries to exponentially compensated executives who had to justify their compensation to boards and investors. Phew!

do what you love

I’ve never has a bias for a particular shell command other that the basic sh is really basic and I’ve always needed just a little more. ksh is always present but I seemed to always use bash. A recent article suggested that ksh had most of bash features but had more concise code. I like that and makes perfect sense.

Somewhere in this post I got lost with the devops and platform engineers. It’s just another money grab.