Richard Bucker


Posted at — Feb 3, 2012

In response to Why_Lua.To say that Lua embraces the do-it-yourself approach is silly. Every programming language started this way. That includes ruby… long before Rails. But while Lua has some nice attributes it lacks one thing. A killer app or a killer tool. Just because WoW uses it as a script language is not enough. Of course if we knew what the median age of most WoW script kiddies then we might be able to estimate the approximate time until Lua is a leader simply due to attrition.For my money, I have read web site after site and I have yet to see any concise direction. Sure the language is “consistent” but the implementations are all over the place and semi-forked.Just look at Lua and LuaJIT. While the version numbers are not required to align but it would be helpful.LuaRocks has some potential as a package manager site, however, just from the outside it does not measure up to pip¬†or gems. Some day possibly.About the only real hope I have for Lua, in the near term, is that it’s being used by Redis for scripting. And while I disagree with the lead developers it’s not for me to decide and I’ll be forced to learn it for that reason alone. I know the Lua team is supremely confident but if it’s not ready and it’s gets overly popular it could implode as a product of it’s success. (scale taking a different form).Good luck.PS: I forgot one thing… I really like ZeroMQ and these benchmarks are awesome.