Richard Bucker

Will the real social network please standup.

Posted at — May 29, 2012

My wife and I watched “Social Network”  the other night. I cannot say that I had a new found appreciation for Facebook after watching it. In fact the complete opposite.If there is any truth at all to the movie then we, the rank -n- file investor, should have known in advance that Facebook stock was going to smell like a cow pie. I did not invest in FB for exactly that reason and I get a sense that my decision was well founded.The one thing that the movie portrayed was that the Zuck was fast and loose. He had an itch and he scratched it. The IPO was no different when (1) his team hacked the button (2) got married on the same day (3) wore a hoodie to the even showing that he still has not grown up.I do not know what the future holds for FB. It could end up being the Microsoft of it’s generation. But while The Zuck scored 1600 on his SATs I don’t think that qualifies him to run one of the newly richest companies on the planet. And I certainly do not trust him or his company with my personal information.